What is Yose?
Yose is a tdd game for developers or those who'd like to become one.

In this game you will:

Enjoy ! First and main goal!

Challenge your skills level after level

Build your portfolio as a software developer… and advertise it in your CV
What's in it for you?
A campus of worlds to be discovered step by step:

Build Games

Study Coding-katas

Explore Specific domains

Build Web sites

You can even create new worlds!
How to play?
1st step: deploy a server.
Yose can help you with examples!
After each level, one or several levels become availables! Choose one and start your own practice.
Whatever the language you use, Yose checks the output of your code.
You pass a level? 10 points more for you. Will you reach the Hall of Fame??
You're a You would like to
challenge your skills! Yose is a  free game
Register, deploy and have fun!
evaluate candidates Use Yose as your  evaluation tool
Find new candidates via Yose.
Contact us to build levels you need or ask us to evaluate candidate's code.
find an other pedagogic approach Use Yose with your groups, it's free.
Contact us to share crazy ideas and make them true :)
Need more? Tweet us @YoseTheGame